Friday, April 20, 2007

Coffee & Me

I am coffee addict I tell you. Every morning I need a cup of coffee to keep me alert. During my shopping spree, I will try out some other brand of coffee too. Lately I am addicted to Ipoh white coffee. The brand I bought not so sweet, just nice.

The tube is weight at 40g, from the packing you’ll noticed it look big. However if you only mix of it into water, the smell not so strong. So next cup of coffee I just pour all 40g into 200ml of hot water. Wow, very nice.

Some of my friends cannot take coffee, they told me coffee cause them heaty. They will feel headache or feel uncomfortable. I could not understand why like that, perhaps different body structure has different respond to coffee I think. To me coffee is the best medicine to release my stress.

Oh ya, I cannot take coffee before bed time, else I hardly fall asleep! LOL


snoopy said...

I love the smell of coffee..everytime pass by those counter selling coffee....hmmm, I wish I can have a drinks...but just cannot! too bad.