Monday, April 23, 2007

Streamyx application

Last week I tried to apply streamyx online. My attempts fail. At time the system even black listed my NIRC. *angry* My colic asked me try some other day coz streamyx system is suck! She ever experienced the same as me. So, I listen to her and try the next day. However it still fail me. So fed up. I called up Streamyx CS line, the lady is nice, she try to online and help me. After about 10 min conversation, only she realised my fixed line no was under UNDEFINED category in TM point server. What? the line we been used for more than 20 overs year, now tell me the line is undefine? Then how come each month send me bill to pay?? Such a screw up system.

The lady cannot help much, she give me TM Point CS line to call and find out. Then I started calling TM point, aiyo..the line forever engaged or no one answering me too! Make me more frust.

<[>Then on Saturday night, hubby asked me the online application at home, maybe it work. I doubt his suggestion but I still try. Previously I did it in office PC. To my surprise, I can register and my number is recognized in the system too! What a relief for me!

However I am the excitement is short while only. After I filled up all necessary info, enter SUBMIT. The next page show Administration Error, need to contact Administrator for further assistant….bla bla bla . Wow I so geram with the s*upid system. Close the site and don’t want to try anymore.

The next day is Sunday; we went tesco for grocery shopping. Hubby saw a counter promoting streamyx application. We approached it and ask for more info. I did not ask for the registration after they asked for RM10 for processing fee. Not me stingy, coz if I will to apply online, it is FREE, why should I pay you RM10 whereas you already entitle for the commission as the agent? We left the counter without talking much to them.

We went to other place for window shopping, after a while, the guy whom we talk to just now came and approached us to sign up the package again. This round he offer FOC service to me some more. I am shocked; few minutes ago say need to pay, now tell me it is FOC! Like that also can ah? He told me he use other client’s fee to cover mine. Since it‘s free, no harm I sign up, right? Now my concern is will I still entitle for the RM50 rebate, the guy say I’ll still get it but I doubt it. Since online application give me so much trouble, I rather let other people do for me . Let’s see how it goes.

Hope I can get my streamyx soon, then I can online more at home.