Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hallmark MV

Saturday night we are wondering at MV, I spotted a Hallmark store. They display a huge Mother’s Day greeting card. I saw it is very nice, so enter the store. I flipped through the card; the 2 girls also follow my pattern. Not even 5 min, one CS girl approach us. She was saying:

Sorry, madam, please don’t let your kids play with our card. Our card is very expensive. (She took one card and shows the price to me). This card cost RM23.90. You see, it’s very expensive. Please don’t let your kids play with it.

Chey, I cannot even interrupt when she is telling me all these. So LCLY!!! My girls just flip the card like me; they are not spoiling or damage your card! Do you think I will continue staying there? Nope, I put down my card, and left the shop immediately. See, they loss one potential customer.

I may not have siu lai lai look and may not buy the card from you, but why you must say these kinds of words to me?? Such a lousy customer service attitude.


snoopy said...

You should suggest to their boss to send the girls for customer service course.