Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lowest hotel rates from

Next school break will be in May 2007, I plan to subsidy my PIL to go for vacation is possible. They hardly go for vacation coz need to take care my 2 monkey girls. I feel guilty sometimes, so thought of to subsidy them for trip, at the same time to reduce my guilty! LOL

This week I started browsing through the net, to look for better deal of vacation packages as well as the hotel rates. My PIL prefer go Asia country due to they are having foreign language problem. Looks like either Hong Kong or China is the best place for them. Since they had been China numerous times, I think I shall arrange them go to Hong Kong.

While browsing via internet, I found offers great deals for their hotel and resort rates worldwide. The best of all is we can do the booking online. What a hassle free planning! Currently offesr rebate up to $100 if we book 12 nights of hotel room with them. Wow, $100 is a lot of saving you knows! On top of that, guaranteed the lowest internet rate for everyone that makes reservation with them. Sound great isn’t it?

If you found there is a lower internet rate available for the same date and same hotel, you must contact them within 24 hours of booking of your "Special Internet Rate" reservation. They will verify the lower rate and will try their best to match the lower rate or cancel the reservation without a cancellation fee. Such a good service, did I tempt you to book with them for your next vacation?

Other than booking for hotels and vacation packages, you can also book your flights and cars with them. This service very useful to those who prefer all in one vacation package, coz they no need to worry anything, just book, pack and travel.

If you wish to go travel soon, please do consider to book with, I bet you’ll satisfy with their guaranteed lowest rate!

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