Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Money Money Money

One of my hubby’s colleagues over budget every month. His monthly income is approximately 6-7K, yet still not enough to cover his debt monthly. Can you imagine that?

Why? I bet you might ask this question. He has a very materialistic mother (not the wife yeah) who ask him to buy a BIG house and luxury car without concerning his monthly salary. Apparently his house’s original cost is 250K, but he spent about 400-500K just in renovation thingy! Wow, that’s a huge amount to me! Where’s the money come from then? Hehe….swipe from credit card lar…..now he bear lots of debt with his credit card.

All the renovation done was according to his mum wishes. She wants this and that, and all thing and material that she selected are from TOP class. He tried to persuade her not to do so, end up is his mum quarrel with him almost everyday just becos of he say NO to her. What a pity son. No choice, in order to reduce the quarrel frequency with his mom, he give in. Just recently I heard from hubby that his mum ordered one set dining table at 5K. That’s also after few rounds of quarrel only he finally bought it.

No wonder he keep asking my hubby go visit his house lar…hehe..over 650K house, sure very pretty and luxury wan…one day I shall go with hubby.


snoopy said...

Can't belive have such a mother on earth! Don't she know that his sons is earning only 6-7 k, not 60-70K....Hmmm, lucky I dont have such a family member.