Thursday, April 19, 2007

27+1 tips for building and maintaining a blog audience

2 years ago when I started my blog, my main concern is just to record down my girl’s growth development plus some of my interesting life encounter daily. However after I started making money via blogging, I start to concern another issue now, ie how to increase my web traffic as well as to get more links love from other bloggers in order to get a higher page rank. Advertisers nowadays prefer high traffic and high page rank blog to write review for their products and services.

Recently I have been introduced to, where I can bid for the advertisement based on the price I prefer. If the price acceptable to advertiser then I might get the chance to write review for them. That’s how I make money from Another best part is the advertiser also can buy review from me, and then I might get extra income.

If you yet to know about SR, doesn’t matter, you still can check out the site now. Besides giving you chance to earn money, they also provide valuable tips on building and maintaining your blog audience. There are 3 main categories listed in the blog post: The Fundamentals, Building your audience and Keeping your audience. If you wish to compete with millions of other bloggers and develop an audience that consistently comes back to your blog, then you better read the useful tips now.

Here are some of the tips that I feel really useful to me.

The Fundamentals

Many bloggers had advised me to own a domain coz advertisers prefer own domain than free hosting site nowadays. I think it’s time for me to search for hosting and domain company now. If you serious in blogging like me, perhaps you should look for one now. Well, the domain name should be searchable and adequately describes what you will be talking about. Try not to use your own name if possible unless you are well known in the community.

Blog layout should be friendly in order to attract more readers to stay on to your blog. Try to avoid too many ads coz some reader might not like it and they need time to loading those ads image too.

Another useful tip is make sure your post is original subject and never never copy other blogger post. Some readers do not like to read re-blog topic too.

Building Your Audience

If you had started blogging, be sure you blog consistently. Your reader might get fed up if they re-visited your blog and see no new updates. Even you are death busy; you can always come out a short note to inform them. Check your post grammar using spelling checker before publishing and try to avoid rampant errors if possible. No one will like to read post that filled with spelling and grammatical errors.

If possible try to respond to your comment. People like interaction and once they leave comment in your blog, they expect you to reply them. Usually they will come back to see what the author has say about their comment.

Keeping Your Audience

It is essential to keep your reader after you had spent so much hard work on building them. Do not take advantage of gimmicky posts to increase your traffic, you might regret later.

A Trackback feature is good if you read several blogs, or if you are commenting on another blog’s posting. This will help you attract new readers and establish a more searchable blog. Use it wisely else it will backfire.

If you’ve have any great resource and you want to share it, don’t forget to blog about it. You can include the list of sites you visit every day, or fun things that you’ve discovered in your blog. Mine is parenting blog, of course I will list those kids site or educational site for my readers.

More other tips, please read here.