Friday, April 13, 2007

My second hand clothing

Last time I love to wear spaghetti strap and sleeveless shirt. But now I try to not wear them coz I noticed my muscle so BIG and other body part full of fat now. Sigh , after giving birth , my body shape all gone, plus recently I was on medication which has side effect of putting weight. Another 2 months to go, after that for sure I will try to keep fit and on diet.

Will you ask how I settle those sexy shirts? Hehe….tell you you also not believe! Some of them fit well to Wien. One weekend at my mom’s house, I forgot to bring extra shirt for her, so I let her wear my shirt instead. The shirt fit her well, though got slightly wide at shoulder. She so happy when wearing my shirt, keep telling others that she is bigger than me now. LOL

Now I know where to pass on my shirt other than charity center like Tze Chi.


snoopy said...

Hehe, i do the same to my dress...pass to my cousin brother's daughter...She just love it because different fashion (actually is outdated sometime ago and now become trendy again) LOL

Jesslyn said...

hahaha...they are so innocent hor!