Thursday, November 01, 2007

Move to upstairs

My boss just told us a very good news. He is going to move some of the office staff to second floor at our building. So far, our second floor is vacant due to previously our staff is less than 20. But now due to business expansion, our total staff nearly to 30 people now. Therefore first floor no longer enough to occupy all of us. If some of us move to upstairs, then we can have more space here and can fit in some cabinets to keep our documentation too. Unlike currently some of our documents have to keep at cabinets which are located at second floor. That’s why I dislike do filing as I need to run up and down.

If my boss confirms the move, then I am sure he will ask me look for Office Furniture quotation for chairs, tables, filing cabinets and storage, partitions and others. Of course we will need office accessories too. I better start searching now before he asks for it, else he may want it urgently. I was told Saxen has various types of good quality for office furniture as well as office accessories. They will also provide installation service with minima charges. There are few items under Special Offer now, let me show my boss first. If he is interested, perhaps we can order online soon!

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