Thursday, November 01, 2007

Quality customer service

Previously I don’t like to call up my credit card bank to ask for my credit card statement or any issues related to the payment coz their customer service call center very slow entertain my call. Sometimes I can be put on hold for don’t know how long, until I hang up my phone. It is very frustrating when I am having problem with my credit card yet I couldn’t speak to the customer service department to find out any solution.

However now it seem many credit card company have adopted efficient Answering Service where they able to pick up phone faster than before and also able to provide prompt reply to their customers. Some even allow you to leave your voice messages and they will call you back once they are available. Consumers looking forward quality and fast response in order to solve and help their problem, therefore superior service like Answering Services is essential for most companies that dealing with service industry.

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