Friday, April 06, 2007


It’s time for me to do tax return now. I have to do for my hubby as well as myself. This year I did not receive any forms from our beloved Inland Revenue dept. Looks like I have to do e-filing, but first of all I have to get the pin from them. *Sigh*

While I get ready our necessary document for tax purposes, only I realized I did not subscribe more on magazine side, what a waste hor! Goament already allocated quite a lump some for us to buy books or magazine yet I did not fully utilized them. *double sigh*

I ever subscribed for HerWorld, but after that I found this magazine contains too many ads than useful info, so I stopped it after 1 year subscription.Now I have to search more online, and look for quality books/magazines either for myself or for Lyon and Wien.


snoopy said...

You are too busy with blog thing..where to find time to read, hah?