Saturday, April 07, 2007

Malaysia's Advertlets

Earlier on I was signing up with Advertlets after reading Immomsdaughter’s post about the launching. Since then I hardly checked into their website due to busy working schedule and too busy ready blog. Few days ago, I noticed Immomdaughter wrote again about Advertlets, and this post really caught my attention coz she mentioned that Advertlets had credited her RM50.00!! Wow, that does remind me to check into my account again.

I am a purely Malaysia, of course I will support local program. Further Advertlets is giving me money to write those paid post. Their service and programs is more and less like TigaP that I am joining currently. But TigaP’s opportunity have to grab only can get it; if you are late, then you earn nothing. Hopefully Advertlets service will be more flexible, I would prefer they send the assignment to us to our account and also not restricted to category that we choose only. Then we’ll have more variety of advertisement to write.

Advertlets program of giving away RM50 each to 300 Malaysian Advertlets Bloggers closed on 31st May 2007. I want to be among the 300 blogger!! Well, if you are Malaysian, why not take this golden opportunity to sign up with them, install Advertlets code into your blog and then write a review about their service. Then the Rm50 is yours! Don’t you think this is pretty simple?