Monday, April 02, 2007

Cold Vs Allergies

Now I only know why my hubby's flu and cough was more than a week only recovered. It could be due to allergies instead of cold.

We tend to treat sickness like sore throat, flu, fever and aches and pains was COLD. But now only I realized it could be due to allergies is those symptoms was more than a week.

Ok, let me share my little knowledge of cold and allergies here:

It may be a COLD if:

* symptoms include a fever, aches and pains, and a sore throat.

* symptoms occur all at once

* symptoms resolve within 7-10 days

* nasal discharge and mucus secretions become more solid and yellowish.

* eyes, nose and ears are itchy.


* symptoms last longer than a week

* symptoms are worse in one particular environment or season and better in others.

* nasal discharge and mucus secretions are clear and runny.

* symptoms appear gradually, including sneezing fits, itchy eyes, nose or throat.

* fever, aches and pains are not typically present.

Now my question is: allergy to what that cause all these symptoms? Usually hubby drank lot of water and it work. But this round, water seem no help at all!


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