Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Phone system for small business

My company’s products mainly send to oversea customer. Our sales to export market are more than 55% now. Therefore the amount we spend on long distance and international calls is huge; sometimes our management couldn’t believe the total amount we spent. With competitive market now, our profit margin for the products is not much hence we need to find way to reduce the cost of phone systems as well the internet usage.

There are few companies that specialize in small business phone systems; Xpander Communications is one of them. They are helping small and medium companies to improve and explore new technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP). I think my company need this kind of service since it can provide user user-friendliness phone systems that focus on simplicity, flexibility, reduced costs, and drastically reduced maintenance.

Xpander Communications is a complete one stop shop where all kind of businesses can come and look for the best phone system here. If you are looking for any VoIP system, why not give Xpander Communications a try. Perhaps it could help your company save some unnecessary phone calls.