Friday, April 06, 2007


One of my customers requests us to send goods under their UPS account. Our usual courier company is DHL and I ever asked my customer to use this service coz they did come to our work place daily. But my customer prefer to use their instead, perhaps UPS charges is less for them. So I instruct my receptionist to contact the UPS office branch office in Melaka, but they refuse to come to collect the goods. Their reason is Jasin is not their area and usually they did not service this area. Many times I have to arrange factory lorry just to send the few cartons.

Fine, I am ok with the arrangement so far provided our own transport has time to do the delivery for me. But yesterday our own transporter is not free, full schedule already, and no one can assist me do the delivery to UPS office. It is impossible to ask my colleague to send too, unfair to them. So I call up UPS branch office personally. The customer service still tell me CANNOT come to collect, and then I ask for Manager’s contact. She refuses to give me but she will ask him to call me instead. About half an hour later, I receive the manager call. After some discussion and argument, finally he agrees to come to do the pick up the next day…

Yeah, I am so happy coz can solve my problem!

My reason to him very simple: now business so difficult to get, yet you don’t want to do my business?? Then what’s the point you do business?? From your place to my place just another 20min drive, this also consider far kah? Come on la…..blablabla……kaotim!!!


snoopy said...

You really good...or else,how can UPS such a stuck up company want to entaint us...only send few parcel a year! I think that is the different between those with kids and no kids.... can really nag...LOL