Monday, April 02, 2007

Wah! So much!

Want to know how much my phone bill this month? I also get shock when see the amount in the latest phone bill.

FIL showed hubby and me the phone bill coz he not sure how come this month number dial to 1515 is RM30++. Add up my prepaid card, it's about RM50++ for that month usage. Yeah, this amount still small if compare to streamyx package. But our usual amount is about RM10-20 the most. Btw, he is not questioning us, just curios to know whether the bill is genuine or not. Hehe...I know why the amount increase so much.

Last month I spent a lot of time surfing internet, mainly do for TigaP. I login after the kids fall asleep and stay up till 12.30am ++. Alternatively I wake up as early as 6.00am, and do for TigaP till about 7.00am, right before Wien wake up. No worry, my total sleep definitely got 6 hours in a day. So total is about 2 hours in a day, which is double of our usual online time. Well, hubby knows about it, so he is not making noise on it as I earn money from blogging too.

But I think I will get a streamyx line very soon, at least get the RM44 for 60 hours. We no needs unlimited assess as we know our usages will not that high. 60 hours is more than enough for us.