Saturday, April 07, 2007

So frust.............!!

I feel frust this morning. Another time the lorry driver giving me trouble and never inform me earlier. He again late in sending my cargo to port, when I call him to ask for more details, then he starts scolding me pulak. Complaint I never submit my shipping doc to forwarder before hand and cause him have to wait few hours there, wasting their time bla bla bla…that’s why late lor…..

Sh*t!!! Earlier morning make me angry and frust. I cannot tahan and scold him. Later I only found out is my forwarder who add oil add sauce, they are the one who not get ready my doc because I already faxed to them earlier on. Kanasai….I quickly give them a call and scold them back. The officer that handles my doc was on half day leave and he never hand over to other staff to continue doing it. Just leave on table like that. So when my driver reaches their place, only they start searching high and low for the doc. This cause the delay.

I don’t care, I am going to write in my complaint letter to their top management next Monday. Perhaps it is time for me to change forwarder.


snoopy said...

Hi Jess, its Saturday! Don't let them spoil your weekend!

Jesslyn said...

Lucky today working, else at home I jump lor...:P