Tuesday, July 24, 2007

3.02PM - I am very sleepy now

Should I make a cup of coffee now? I feel very very sleep now.

I am lack of sleep lately, not due to fishing for TigaP opportunities but due to my little Lyon refuse to sleep and keep playing alone in her queen size bed even though it should be her bed time now.

Hey, each night past 11.00pm, she still wide awake ler, wonder where her energy come from?? Wien sleep with MIL, so less one trouble for me. I only can sneak out from the room once Lyon fall asleep, else she will follow me. Previously she sleep in around 10.30pm, so I still able to settle some pending house chores or even sew my dresses after 10.30pm. But now I cannot do much, sometimes I even dozz off with her..till the next morning....