Friday, July 27, 2007

SSN/Tax No??

Notice: In order to receive future payments from Blogitive, you'll need to update your settings with your SSN and a current mailing address so we can send you a W-9 tax form. Click here to update your settings.

Few days ago, while login to Blogitive, noticed above messages from them. It asked for SSN and US mailing address, in order to make sure all US citizens pay for the tax from what they earn from blogging. Well, this issue did not bother me coz I am not US citizen, and I foreseee this kind of issue surely will bring out one day. Now it really bring out the issue. Why I said so? Frankly I ever foresee one day blogging from money will only applicable to overseas blogger if the advertisers are from overseas countries. They are for sure want to give more benefits to local citizens mah. Right or not?

So, write while you can now before all these gone....hehe....