Friday, July 20, 2007

So many opp popping out!

This morning I wake up at 7am, saw lot of opportunities popping our in TigaP at the same time. I still can see lot of offers in white but the pay out is $5, which is not so good pay to me. I also can see some pay at $6-7, but also not tempted me to grab them. What's wrong with me? I refresh and read again, at last I grab a $5 for 50 words only...hehehe...easy topic...about kids story books. After finish this, no mood to write anymore coz I do not have any filler post in draft, better stop writing now.

I can sense myself lately slow down in writing paid post, perhaps I am too tired now. I also seldom stay late too, the most is 12.30am, then go to bed. Need to take care my face, lack of sleep will cause lot of pimples out and also look old very soon! LOL


Judy Chow said...

yeah many opps...really make us happy, but can see cannot get lehh...

This tag for you.