Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Solve your hair loss problem

Dr. Larry Shapiro is a specialist hair transplants for men and women with hair loss in Florida. His unique approach in doing hair transplants treatment has attracted many patients to seek for his help. He will offer free consultation prior to the treatment and talk to you personally. During the free consultation, Dr Shapiro will design your hairline and answer specific questions pertaining to your hair loss. After that allow you to view the surgical procedure as well as allowing you to talk and meet with former patients about their experience.

The hair loss procedure will be performed by Dr Shapiro personally together with the assistant of his experience staff. He is a very skillful and experience surgeon in hair loss treatment industry, he has over 17 years experience in this field. So far over 10,000 cases have been performed and you can view those successful cases via the testimonial shown in the website.

Seek help from Dr Shapiro if you’re having hair loss problem or call 1-800-799-HAIR (4247) now for your FREE consultation and receive 100 FREE grafts!!