Thursday, July 19, 2007

Protect your game boy skin

Do you own a GameBoy Micro? Have you ever think of to buy it a protective game boy skins to protect the casing? Well, if I have one GameBoy in hand, I am sure will get one attractive protective skin, so that my game boy will not get scratch easily.

There are plenty of themes for game boy skins design from, some of them are sport, comic, fashion, art, music, holidays, video game and many more. I like the holidays design coz I can change it according to current holiday festive, so that I will not feel bored for using the same casing most of the time.

Well, you have the talent in designing for the skin; you can submit your artwork to If your art is being selected, you can win an iPod from them as well as your design will be featured for iPod skin and other protective skins for other devices. Isn’t cool?