Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dresses Order

Good chance for me! I got another business to do now. My good business partner, Sabrina, requested me to send her some of my hand-made kids dresses. She has own a fashion boutique near her house and planning to do own business and fry her boss sotong! Anyway, good luck and all the best to her! I am for sure will support her while I can!

This is surely a good piece of news to me cos this another side income to me too! However lately I hardly sew....not due to I am lazy...but I am tired...feel very tired after working hour. Usually I will spend time watching Tv or just lying on bed, without doing anything. Oh ya, I seldom do house chores during week day too.

Well, now have order in hand, I better take it seriously. Hopefully I will get more and more order from her, then my dream to be SAHM will be getting soon too! :)

Wish me luck!


huisia said...

sabrina resign ar?

you got tagged, check this out,