Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Plan before travel

Hubby and I share the same hobby; both of us love to travel. Before marriage, we used to travel very frequent coz no kids commitment and we can go as and when we like. However after having kids, we need to think twice before confirming our vacation. It is not easy to travel with the kids I tell you. If you did not plan properly, your vacation might end up in a havoc and exhausted situation.

Usually before I plan for my family vacation, I will try to search more travel information via travel magazines, travel blog that you can get online or via friends’ recommendation. I wish to have a smooth yet exciting trip, thus all these information like hotels accommodation, places to eat out, local attractions, culture and many more are important to me.

Some travel blog wrote by bloggers have very informative resources; they will posted their travel experience and their personal opinion for particular places. One of the examples is Travel blog in Real Travel website able to provide useful guide on travel, the editors will pick and bring you the best travel stories, photos and recommendations from the RealTravel community. They also provide related travel news and links, for anyone who is passionate about travel.

Check out the travel blog before planning your next vacation.