Thursday, July 26, 2007

Free Breakfast

Most of time I will have luck to have free breakfast in office. Why I have such privilege? Hehe...all because I treat people nice, and in return, they also treat me nice lor....

Occasionally I will bring muffin/butter cake or fruit from home to treat my Malay staff. Some of them love limau pulut very much, some like my home planted start fruit, thus if I can remember, usually I will pluck some before come to office. Serve them with fresh fruits/food.

One of the Malay staff's family do small business by selling Malay kuih-muih to local hawkers. So she will bring me and other staff those nice nice Malay kuih, her home made kuih really nice. Oh ya, I love her nasi lemak the most. I don't think I can find another nasi lemak that taste as good as hers. regret being nice to her though.

Guess what she brought me today? I favourite Lontong + kuah satay! Yummy yummy! Wow I am so full now.....burp!


snoopy said...

You sure very fast action. I just passed by few second, there your post about the breakfast already up...good good job!