Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I can be a boss too!

I bet majority of us wish to become own boss one day, including myself too. However I do not own good marketing skill as well as do not have much knowledge in this field. Well, if given me the chance, perhaps I will choose to start a business that allows me to choose my own hours.

I was told vendstar able to offer me the freedom of being your own boss, with the financial security that most of us wanted. Perhaps I can start with small business first, later only expand it once I earn some money.

There are few benefits that we can get from Vendstar, including we can earn up to 80% of profit margin, no overhead and employee require to run the vending machine, no need to rent office to place the machine, plus this is a 100% cash business, and Vendstar do the advertising by their own. Thus we can save our time and money in terms of advertising.