Monday, July 16, 2007

Forgot to bid too exciting keep thinking going to D'Paradise, until I forgot to bid the auction from Ecosway on 15/07/07. The auction starts to accept on 15/07/07, my usual practise is to bid right after 12.01am by 15/07/07, so that hopefully I can be the first to bid. Just in case in the event of a tie for the highest bid, the earliest bid received by eCosway shall be the winning bid. So I am hoping I will be the earliest bird lar...kiasu me lor!

Now me in the Ecosway website but this time I do not know what to bid. Usually I bid for McDonald/KFC Voucher or Cosway voucher. But I think I have to stop doing the same all the time. Perhaps I should try to bid for electrical item now. Wish me luck then!