Thursday, July 26, 2007

Free Degree

Tell me; am I too old to resume my studies now? I am only mid 30. I told my mom about my plan to resume my studies till degree level, but she laugh at me. Her reason is where on earth I can find time to do my revision is I really go for my degree course. Yup, my mom know me well, she know I have 2 girls to take care plus many house chores waiting for me to settle. Impossible for me to find time to continue my study. Therefore I on hold my study plan for the time being.

But today while I searching for education information online, I came across capella university, an online accredited university which offers degree programs and certificates in business, technology, education, human services and psychology. The article mentioned that this year amount of $ 100, 000 in scholarship funds will be awarded to 9 recipients who enroll in one of Capella's 26 Ph.D. programs in 2007. This news tempted me to take up a degree course from Capella University coz if I manage to get to get the scholarship, means I can study for free! Hey, this is a golden opportunity to me!