Friday, July 27, 2007

Change your appearance

Have you ever think of to own good looking features and nice body figure, just like those Hollywood celebrities? Frankly, sometimes I ever dream to be like them, so that I can wear any types of clothing that fit me well. Oh yes, being good looking also can make yourself more confident in doing anything. LOL

After pregnancy, my body shape totally different from previous time. I have flabby tummy, not so solid breast, muscle full of meat, thigh also quite flabby as compare to pre-pregnancy time. I know this fact is unavoidable and other mummies will encounter the same too. I should start doing exercises and do more house work now. So that I can get rid of my extra meat soon.

Other than that, I also can opt for plastic surgery to achieve my dream body shape. However the costs for plastic surgery is not cheap and I don’t think my hubby will allow me do so. I was told cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles is very well known and very experience in performing plastic surgery for mini tummy tuck. Dr Lloyd M. Krieger is the founder and medical director of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, he has very wide experience in this field since he has completed extensive research on how to make plastic surgery a more rewarding experience for patients.

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