Friday, July 20, 2007

Canvas finally reach me!

During month June, I blog about Canvas on Demand opp offered by PayU2Blog. Now the canvas finally reaches my hand yesterday, all the way from Canvas on Demand, USA. I am so excited upon seeing the big canvas featuring my 2 girls’ photo. Hey, not everyone so lucky managed to grab the offer though, some of them think that the advertiser might not send to me coz I am staying in Malaysia and the shipping cost is not cheap. Well, I just try my luck and pray hard that they will send to me after completed my first review.
The canvas size is 16 x 20 inch, cost $89 if you purchase online in canvas on demand website. To me, I pay zero cents coz I am using the coupon code provides by Canvas on Demand. Thus this quality and lovely is totally FREE. The quality of the canvas is pretty good as compare to my wedding photo which is also made from canvas. However my wedding photo’s color becomes a bit fade after few years of hanging on the wall, I am hoping this one will be better.

It is very simple to print your photo onto canvas with the services provided by canvas on demand. Just upload your desired photo to them, then sit at home wait for them to ship to you within a week. It will be a good idea to send canvas as an anniversary gift for your family members or close friends. I am sure they will be very happy once receive the lovely yet quality canvas from you. Oh ya, if you’re not satisfied with the end product, you can always ask for refund or request for redo. This is due to they want to ensure their customer get 100% satisfaction guarantee towards their service!
Once again, I want to say a BIG thank you to PayU2Blog for giving such golden opportunity. Now freebies offer only applicable to blogger reside in USA and Canada only, which means we no longer entitle to join the fun!


huisia said...

wah wah wah...i am so regretted why i didnt join!!!!

the photo so nice!