Thursday, July 19, 2007

I want to print photos for my kids

I love to take photos and I used to print all the photos at a photo shop and keep in photo album. However now I have to stop this practice due to those photo albums had occupied most of my room’s space.

After having kids, I start printing their photos now. The main reason is due to most of my relatives and friends seldom read my blog to check out my kid’s photos. Each time when they pay a visit to us, they’ll request to see their photos. Thus, it will be easier for me to keep the photo album at home, rather than I have to on my notebook to show them their photos.

My husband suggested buying a printer and do the printing at home. However printing at home need lot of ink and the color cartridge for my current printer, Canon is not cheap nowadays. Hence, I'm trying to look for the same cartridge but at lower prices. I went to many photo shops to ask around the price but I am surprise that many replied me that I only can get cheaper ink via online store.

So I start my online shopping for inkjet and I found Atlantic Inkjet provide inexpensive inkjet cartridge for model like Apollo, Brother, Canon, Compaq, Epson, Hewlett-Packard and others. It is really a good place to buy original and refilled ink cartridges whereby I can save up to 75% over expensive manufacturers’ brand. The best part is they offer FREE shipping for all orders placed online totaling to $45.00. This is another money saving for me, I may get the cartridges from them after I’ve completed this Atlantic Reviews and hopefully I can do the printing at home very soon.