Saturday, July 14, 2007

Party Game I

Sometimes we will have hard time to think of any games for party. Most of the time we only play those repeated games, feel bored too. Lately I had learned few games from my old friends, found them quite interesting and kids might love them.


What you need:

Each player needs some paper and a pencil. Get a ready a die too.

How to play:

Each player takes turn at throwing t die. Each of the numbers on the die corresponds to a part of the beetle. A play may draw only that part of t beetle which corresponds to the number they have thrown. Players must throw a “one” (the body) to start, and cannot draw t feelers or eyes until they have thrown a “two” and drawn t head. Players must throw “three”, “four” and “five” twice, as each beetle has two legs, two eyes and two antennae.


The first player who finishes drawing a complete beetle is the winner.

Beetle body parts

1 Body

2 Head

3 One leg

4 One eye

5 One antenna

6 Tail