Monday, July 30, 2007

Loan for my car

After few weeks of consideration, finally I agreed with hubby to buy a new car for myself. At first I was reluctant to change my existing car due to I don’t want to bear any loan with me right now and I enjoy my debt free status. It is very relaxed when you work for no financial burden with you, you no need to worry what if one day your boss fire or retrench you.

My existing car is more than 11 years old now and the maintenance cost is not cheap too. We need to pay quite a big amount each time send we send the car for service. My hubby’s opinion is it is not worth to pay for the maintenance cost and it better to hunt for a new car and pay for the installment.

After confirming to buy new car, now we need to sell off our existing car, so that we can trade in the car and get back some money. Our concern is how to get buyer to buy our car? Do we need to do auto classified or just sell it to car dealers? I was allows us to do auto classifieds with free service and it also allows us to apply for Auto Loan as well as get a cheap auto insurance for our new car. i shall check out the site now and to get more information before I finalize my decision for car loan and insurance.


Madeline Joyce said...

I think you made the right decision, Jess. If you'll do the math, you’ll realize that buying a new car and not spending on maintenance is much cheaper in the long run than keeping an old car and having to pay costly repairs repeatedly. By the way, for people out there who are planning to sell their old cars, it would be better not to stick to one site. Remember that there are a lot of other online portals out there where you can post ads of your car. You can also ask a car agent to help you out in selling your car. It's been years now. How is your car doing?