Monday, July 23, 2007

Do charity while you can

Do you contribute part of your income to some charity communities? Frankly I did. I start doing the contribution by small amount first; when my salary getting higher, I top up the amount slowly. Currently I am contributing $50 per month to my favorite charity society, Tzu Chi Foundation. During my free weekend, I am also joining their charity work by helping those need person. Usually I’ll tag along my girls to go with me coz I want them to learn from small the meaning of giving and helping for other needy people.

Actually I prefer to join charities network that cater for human services coz these charities network usually will target those people in need. My another favorite charity society is Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Care coz it helps to provide a dynamic child development curriculum, intensive home visits for vulnerable family, case management for teen pregnancy and planning. I always have a feeling that maternal and kids need more help when anything happen to their family member. I am glad that Mary’s Center able to achieve this goal. They provide highest quality care regardless of ability to ask for other to contribute to them in term of money.

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