Monday, July 16, 2007

Save on petrol cost

Credit cards is so common nowadays, I bet majority of us carry at least one credit card in our wallet now. My main purpose of owning credit card it to pay for daily expenses like grocery shopping and pump petrol for my car. Nowadays carry too much cash in hand is not safe too due to robbery and snatch handbag cases become severe now. The best is to carry credit card instead of cash.

Now you can apply credit cards in cash back gas credit card category feature cards with cash back rewards for your gas purchases solely. There are lot of benefits you can enjoy by owning this type of credit cards, including 5% rebate or cash back on all qualified gas purchases or auto maintenance purchase , no annual fee require, 0% Intro APR* for Purchases and Balance Transfers for 12 months and some even offer $250,000 in Travel Accident Insurance. Check out the various types of cash back gas credit cards from, I am sure you will love the benefit and features offer by them!