Monday, October 15, 2007

No Hari Raya Visit

This year I plan to visit my ex-colleague who is celebrating Hari Raya festive, I had told my other colleague that we can go together. However when we try to call our Malay colleagues (they are both sisters), they seem like refuse to answer our calls. I thought they must be busy doing the preparation, so I tried to call the next day, but still no one pick up the phone. I was wondering what happen to them, so I get the other colleague to call them, still no one answer her call. The next next day, she called them again, now got someone replied her. The Malay ex-colleague told us that we can visit them but have to call them before going their house.

So the next day, we tried to call her that we are about to go her house but funny part is she really no pick up the phone, even we call her at different interval times. Sigh …what’s wrong with all these people, if saw our miss calls, why not return our call since they already know we will visit them. worst thing is, I had bought so many present and stuff for them, now all lying at my kitchen, look like I have to use or eat them slowly!


snoopy said...

Sometime, ppl just dont have mood to meet up with old colleague because they are not doing well, or they are just in bad mood. So, dont be so upset.

And all the present you bought, I am here to share with you...hahaha!

Jesslyn said...

I also guess so...but they know me well, I am not the type who like gossiping abt others. Quite upset when they treat me like that. I really sincerely want to pay a visit to them!

OK, I will bring the food & cookies here & share with you!