Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is Crocs comfortable to you?

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Crocs are so popular now. You even can see imitation of crocs everywhere too. my SIL#2 bought 2 sets of fake crocs shoes for my girls, very striking yellow color. The girls love it but after wearing some times, they just put it aside. Sure la, imitation crocs so hard, how to wear long time. Don’t say kids, I also cannot wear longer time lar.

Original crocs are so expensive; I don’t think I will buy one for myself. I was thinking will my feet feel warm after wearing it? If yes, then I rather wear “open feet” sandal lor! I ever visited Crocs shop in KL; found that most crocs designs are out from original pattern. Some even look like sandal where you can see the feel clearly! I think sooner or later, sure the Crocs will change pattern according to market demand!