Friday, October 19, 2007

Informative Travel Guides

Hubby and I love to go travel if our budget is allowed. However now we hardly go for vacation after the arrival of our 2 girls. Mind you, it is not easy to travel with kids. Well, usually before I plan for my family vacation, I will try to search for more travel guide via travel magazines, travel blog that you can get online or via friends’ recommendation. Same as other, we wish to have a smooth yet exciting trip, thus all these information like hotels accommodation, places to eat out, local attractions, culture and many more are important to me; especially when the kids are tag along.

RealTravel is a very informative website where you can find lots of the contributors contributed their travel experience and their personal opinion for some travel attractions from difference places. Alternatively you can read the Travel blog in the website to find out those useful travel guides. The contributors will pick and bring you the best travel stories, photos and good recommendations from their past experience. Do check out the site if you wish to plan for your holiday.