Monday, October 29, 2007

Don't lie to me!

Before marry, my hubby always tell me sweet things like he will only love me alone, no other women in his life or promised me that he will bring me to oversea country for honeymoon annually. After married, though he still loves me as before but he did not bring me for holiday by annual basis. To me, he is telling lie to me. Am I right?

I know I cannot demand too much from him since he also under employment and his salary just enough to cover our daily expenses. For local vacation, he still afford to do so but for vacation abroad, I don’t think he could afford it, especially now we have 2 girls. Hey, travel with whole family members is not cheap nowadays. I think I better read more from Kauai Travel Blog, so that I able to watch out those cheap packages for Hawaiian Vacation Kailua. I was told occasionally HawaiianBeachRentals will offer attractive travel packages for their Kauai Vacation Rentals. Ok, pray hard that I able to grab those family budget package.