Saturday, October 27, 2007

Very hungry now

Now is 1.11am…..I still here, my eyes still wide open and full of energy! Hehe….as I wish to finish some pending posts and spend the long weekend with my kids. No more public holiday but I applied annual leave next Monday.

Guess what am I going to do by next Monday?

Yeah, I plan to do hair rebonding. I really cannot stand my baby hair keep growing up lately. Not only baby hair but curly baby hair….haih….I feel myself look so awful with those curly hair, especially front area!!

Hubby commented I may not have the gut to meet people after hair rebonding. He was thinking I will feel very uncomfortable once the hair is rebond! Hahaha…let’s wait & see!


Michelle said...

i am hungry too..let's go supper...the first few days sure not comfortable one. but u will get use to ur new look. go 2moro morning lar...then i can see ur flat hair at night. :P