Friday, October 12, 2007

It's time to buy iPod

James is my niece and he is going to celebrate his 21st birthday soon, I was thinking shall I buy him an iPod (digital media player) as birthday present. I am not mean to pamper him but this niece love my kids very much. Each time when he visits us, he will buy some toys to please the kids. He is a thoughtful and caring youngster.

Hubby no objection about my Apple iPod as birthday present as he likes this youngster too. Ok, I will try to buy from online store since sometimes I can get cheaper price from online store as compare to retail shop.

Today’s iPod not only can listen to music and songs, we also can view videos and play pod casts. Thanks to advancement of latest technology ya! By the way, able to tell me which store’s Apple iPod is the cheapest in town since they have price comparison listed in their web. Shop with definitely will save me some money.