Friday, October 19, 2007

Shall I try Akävar?

Weight loss is one of my year resolutions. Hehe…why I said year resolution but not fix a lead time for myself like October or November resolution? Well, to be frankly, it seems like I never achieve my resolution so far, my weight still remains at 115 pounds and my ideal weight will be 103 pounds.

I will feel tenser if the pretty clothes at shopping mall cannot fit well for my body size. Some how from there I will get motivation to start my weight loss resolution!

I had been blogging about weight loss for so many posts in my blog now and it did help me indirectly. I will try to follow the diet prescribe in the websites and control my dietary as well as calories. The only thing I dare not follow is taking the weight loss pills as I am not sure whether the pills will have side effect to me or not.

Lately I come to know about Akavar 20/50 weight loss pill while I browsing through some weight loss programs. It mentioned that Akävar 20/50 able to restrict our caloric intake to below our normal daily caloric consumption, and literally pull excess fat from all over our body. Those body parts including our waist, hips, thighs and buttocks, thus leaving our body thinner, trimmer and sexier than ever. So far the study shown that Akavar yet to have any negative side effects, or long term side effects. That’s great!

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