Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cleaning Service from Sicorps

I don’t know what’s wrong with my boss lately. He gives green light to Human Resource Manager to allow the 35 foreign workers to stay at our office upstairs temporarily. All of the office staff feel uneasy with the decision coz this mean they will share the toilet with us. Opps, not me, but with male office staff.

Imagine, will they keep the upstairs office clean as before? Will they dirty the toilet after use? Too many concerns run into our minds but our boss never think of these consequences. He only concerns about his company money coz he wants to find a cheapest house for them but he fail to do so. Therefore he allows them to stay at office upstairs which is vacant right now. Frankly this is not a wise decision!

However it will be ok if management is willing to engage professional cleaning service from Sicorps Cleaning where they can provide the highest level of cleaning to high street businesses and organizations which requires quality cleaning service. Besides cleaning for businesses and organizations, Sicorps also provide other service like after builders Cleaning, Shop floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning london , commercial deep cleaning, window cleaning and many more! Do check out Sicorps for more details information.


Anonymous said...

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