Thursday, October 18, 2007

Internet Poker Websites

I am one of the lucky folk actually as I can online during office hour from nine-to-five. My boss will not interfere what I am doing within working time as long as I had finished my daily routine and filing. So, what did I do when I am free after all pending work had been done? Hehe….I will be connected to internet and browse through my entire favorites online website as well as parenting blogs. Other than that, I will search for nice recipes, so that I can cook or bake during weekend.

By the way, I love to play challenging online games too. At times, I even addicted to online games and play with online buddy too. Opps, of course I still have to be careful since it is no good to play online games during office hours. Who know my boss will terminate my service if he happens to see me play those online games!

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