Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lovely Dresses in MV

Wow, I saw so many lovely dresses in Mid Valley. So nice, so pretty, so cute! I wish I got time to sew similar dresses for my girls. But my time is limited, after work already dead tire and I only can sew little portion by portion. You must wonder why I not just buy for them instead of sewing. Hehe…not because I am stingy hor but those dresses really expensive. Since I got the talent for sewing, plus I managed to buy good quality from Kamdar MV, so why not take the time to sew? By the way, my workmanship not bad too if compare to those selling at boutique shop!

If you wish to order from me, you better send in your order now as currently I am rushing for some Indian’s clothing. They are getting ready for Deepavali soon. After Indian clothing, I will run another batch for those who celebrating Christmas, then follow by Chinese New Year. If you place order earlier, then I can sew for you first and no need to wait for longer lead time! :)


snoopy said...

sew for adult evening dress too?

Jesslyn said...

eh, you want me sew for you meh? You can sew better than me too! LOL