Friday, October 19, 2007

Another bank to apply for Debit Card

Last Friday, I am off from work as our company declare it is the replacement holiday for Melaka Governor Birthday. So, I decided to pay a visit to PBB to apply for one debit card for myself, so that I can withdraw my paypal money all by myself without going thru third party. It is pretty simple to the application since the bank only request our IC copy, fill up a form and then wait for the first letter from them , then only we can deposit the amount plus paying annual fee of RM24.00

However I read many posts saying that PBB took long time to process the application. Well, let wait and see how it goes!

Besides PBB, I had read so many apply for Al Rajhi bank Debit Card. They mentioned that this card can get it on the spot and the charges is much cheaper than PBB. My godness, this is my first time hearing such bank name. Sound so strange to me! Let me check out my area have such bank or not, if got, maybe I will get one too!