Monday, October 29, 2007

Visit beach or go shopping?

Different people have different taste. Some people love to visit beaches, some love to visit oldies building like churches or museum and some love to go for shopping during their vacation. Frankly, hubby and I love beaches and visit old time churches or museum. Even we go to shopping places; we also hardly buy stuff coz the things in oversea countries not cheap ler! Well, you can say I am stingy fella! To me, going for any vacation is to relax ourself and get to know more about those places.

Some of my friends ever visit Hawaii and I love to ask them What to Do in Kauai since over there we only can visit their beach. Do there have other attractive places to go besides their beach? They couldn’t answer all my questions as they know different people have different expectation. Therefore they ask me to check out Kauai Travel Blog if I plan to visit Hawaii one day. From the blog, perhaps I can read and find where to go or what to do in Kauai, Hawaii.

Cool blog! I better start read more now as I wish to coax my hubby to visit this place one day. Hopefully he will allow me to book our stay at one of the famous Kauai vacation rentals in Hawaii. By the way, it had been over 3 years I did not travel alone with him after our kids arrival.