Saturday, October 13, 2007

Driving in oversea countries

One of my best friends loves to back pack and travel alone in oversea countries like US or Europe. Well, he is still single, of course he able to do so. No financial commitments and money earn only solely for his personal use.

He told us that he will drive in oversea countries too and will get not lost direction too. We are surprise how could he did that since he not so familiar with all the road direction in oversea countries. He told us that if he wishes to drive there, he’ll fix a GPS navigator into his car. GPS receiver will show him detailed maps, automatic routing, turn-by-turn voice directions, and finger-touch screen control too. The best brand he commended is nüvi 350's since it is easy to use and has unique "text-to-speech"!

Wow, how nice if I can find one nüvi 350's in my country since I always lost my road direction while driving!