Wednesday, October 31, 2007


If I want to purchase item above $1000, I will use credit card to pay for it. Why pay cash while I can enjoy the 0% interests via 12 months installment, after all, the price remain the same. By the way, many people still don’t know such benefit given by their credit card company.

However sometimes I still lack of money to pay for my credit card installment, especially come to the month where I need to pay for my insurance premium. So I can see my next statement shown me being charged at 1.8% for unpaid balance amount. Wow, don’t you think it is quite high interest rate? I better look for Wonga!

At Wonga, they will only charge 1% a month, plus the £25 cost for super-fast transmission into your account for the cash loan that you applied. It is similar to payday loan where you need to pay back in your next payday. You can request between £200 and £1000, depending on your history record with Wonga before.