Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mint credit cards

Yesterday while in Mid Valley shopping mall, one guy approached me and showed me his leaflet on credit cards. he is asking whether I own any credit cards at this moment or not. Hey, come on, now credit cards is common, of course everyone will carry at least one in their wallet. Am I right?

Well, this guy is promoting his company’s credit cards where the features offer by him are almost the same as other credit card companies. I got no interest to listen to him as I already own 2 credit cards in my purse now. However if he is promoting Mint credit card, then perhaps I will consider to apply for it.

Mint credit cards offer a 0% interest on balance transfer, 0% on purchase as well as 0% bonus offer on balance transfers. All those features are the basic requirement for card holders, no wonder majority of them will go for Mint credit card instead of other cards. On top of that, we can get up to £7,500 of credit limit whereas my existing card only give me $4,000 credit limit upon my request some more. We also can check our latest transaction and download the statements and receive email and text alerts by opening a free online account with Mint Credit Card Company.

If you wish to apply for Mint credit card, do check out from their website at http://credit-cards.mint.co.uk/