Friday, October 12, 2007

GPS Receiver become my helper

My road direction is very bad coz most of the time I rely on hubby to drive me to anywhere. During the driving journey, I just sit in the car and listen to radio, rather than learning the road direction. If hubby needs to work, then I got no choice but to wait for weekend then only go for outing as I need him to be our driver.

I was told we can fix a Magellan Maestro vehicle navigation system into our car and it able to give us road directions. Wow, first time I heard about this gadget! I think probably I will get one for myself since I cannot rely on hubby most of the time. Magellan Maestro GPS receivers are sleek, lightweight and the best part is I can go anywhere I like by entering address or name of the places that I want to go. After that we just touch the screen and hear turn by turn directions from the GPS receiver system. I think I will enjoy the driving experience even without hubby’s help!